Starting Sept 20, you are invited back into our home building every Sunday for in-person connections, worship and preaching. Livestream will still be broadcasted as well.   

Thank you for helping us raise over $10k for Clean Water!

  • On Saturday, May 16th, many from Reading City Church, Berks Christian School and West-mont community walked/ran 6k to raise money for clean water in 3rd world countries. 
  • Your generosity more than doubled our goal in giving. It is not too late to give! Simply click on the donate button bellow and you will be taken to the WorldVision site to donate. 
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If you are a regular attender to Reading City Church and you have a need for someone to pick up and drop off your groceries, or perhaps to pray with you over the phone or event outside your home, we would like to help.  Take a moment to fill out the simple form below. As well, if you attend regularily and have a well-known neighbor that we can bless in this way, fill out the form on their behalf.