Before we come back together on a Sun morning...

Gather at your RCC family's backyard and BE with God together in the places we live. The time is now.

There are no events currently scheduled. Check back later to see if any new events have been added. If you would like to host a backyard fire, please contact us through the link below.

Want to host at your house?

You too can gather some of your RCC family and BE with God together in the place you live...

The idea is simple.
  1. Pick a day and time to open your deck or backyard for a time of connections, discussion around Sun morning content & prayer. 
  2. Fill out the form to register your home. We will post that info on this page below with a button for people to contact you.
  3. Share any info you feel is important about your event when people contact you. We will collect info here as well in case our office receives questions. 
  4. Take pics of your gathering and send that in with a summarization of your evening.
*Discussion will be based on questions raised during both the anti-racist and  irrepressible ecclesia focuses on Sunday mornings. Questions will be sent to you on the week of your scheduled event.