Meet Our Teams

Our Office Staff

Vince Donnachie

Lead Pastor
As lead pastor, Vince cares for the church community, RCC staff and Ministry Team leaders. He is our main preacher and sets vision for direction of the church along with Elders & Advisory Council. 

Amber Mancebo

Family Ministries Assistant
Amber helps to recruit, schedule, and care for volunteers in RCC's family ministry programs. She also keeps the classrooms organized and prepared for Sunday services. 

Chris Donnachie

Operational Director
Chris oversees operational functions of our ministries,  policies & procedures, building & equipment usage, maintenance & repairs, and our church calendar.

Wade & Vee Bieber

Outreach Directors
Wade and Vee are the team behind RCC's outreach efforts. Together they plan and execute events in our church and our community that connect and show the love of Christ to our neighbors and church members. They also oversee elements of video and media. 

Sarah Bateman

Director of Financial Ministries
Sarah oversees daily financial operations, directs our Financial Team (see below), and is developing the Financial Ministry at RCC. In addition, she leads the hospitality effort at RCC.

Amanda Hertzler

Pastoral Ministry Assistant
Amanda assists Ministry Team leaders in making sure they have what they need to function well. She is also our "serve coach" and helps new people learn where best to connect.

Our Elders 

Vince Donnachie

Damaris Maldonado

Kathy Blosenski 

Our Leadership Teams

Our Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council supports our elder team by giving advice on large decisions and share a partial vote on such decisions. 2 members of our Advisory Council rotate into our regular Elder meetings and all members come together with our elder team 4x a year. The team is made up of a combination of RCC members and those outside our congregation.
Pictured left to right are: Duane Britton (Managing Partner, Britton Consulting Group), Kris McFaddon (CEO, PA Adult & Teen Challenge), Sandi Kissinger, Ed Weaver (Owner, Weaver's Orchard), Rebecca Young, Lauri Dawkins (Co-Pastor, The Place Church), Carol Kerstetter. Also, not pictured are: Lester Zimmerman (Lead Pastor, Petra Christian Fellowship) and Corbett Babb (Principal, West Elementary School). 

Our Financial Team

Our Financial Team oversees all RCC budgets and financial operations. The team also makes recommendations to our Elders and Advisory Council concerning financial policies and procedures to better enable financial health as an organization. Liaisons from the Financial team rotate in to our elder meetings monthly to give feedback and updates.
Pictures from left to right are: Esther Saint, Paul Diamantopoulos, Sarah Bateman, Daris Cohick, Chad Blank. Also, not pictured are: Kristin Kenagy & Corbett Babb. 

Meet Our Team Leaders
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